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Pot Of Gold Bud is the Best Strain for 2018

At the end of every rainbow, there’s a pot of gold. It’s a very lucky person who finds it. This treasure was the inspiration for the latest family member of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds: Pot of Gold seeds. There are many reasons to try these pot seeds, especially if you have trouble sleeping. The Pot of Gold strain takes you to a deeper dimension, to a mythical place where leprechauns live.

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17 reviews for POT OF GOLD FEMINIZED

  1. Angela Whittaker

    This was the first time a i grew a strain that had such gold amber colors. These little drops of happiness pack a super buzz and I think you’ll should give it a try as it’s a great value and a fun grow project.

  2. Winnepeg MB

    a full 5 star strain. this grew nice in a very cool basement, I only lifted the buckets up off the ground using two by fours. That was all it needed to speed up thier growth.

  3. New Market Ontario

    I feel like a god after smoking. Incredible high and a must grow because they drip in trich’s

    Ben Stone

  4. Bemidji Minnesota

    We harvested many lovely ladies soaked in gold amber trichomes, what a hit we’re having tonight

  5. Waterloo Ontario

    thanks for getting me my seeds right away

  6. Kingston Ontario

    I grew my legal 4 plants. It’s my first “Legal” grow, and it was also my best. I let them grow 5 days after their trichomes reached 50% amber and then on on 3 days she looked like pure gold THC, what a sight I’ll never forget. She’ll get you super high too.

  7. London Ontario

    My seeds came in just before the long weekend. I got a chance to germinate them and they all did.

  8. Abbotsford British Columbia

    My order had freebies. Thanks so much.

  9. Grand Rapids Michigan

    I’ve smoked about fifty strains in my time, and this one is the best strain of my life

  10. Ottawa Ontario

    Yeah like the others are saying, this is a top strain

  11. Hamilton Ontario

    My seeds arrived in perfect condition in crush proof package. They’re very dark seeds with tiger stripes, I appreciate getting the best selection.

    J. Ortiz

  12. Saskatoon Canada

    My order arived the same week to Saskatoon, legit site.

  13. Calgary Alberta

    This gave me a strong high with moderate energy. It kept me entertained the past long winter and if i cannot afford to go out for drinks, i can always stay at home and be happy with a small amount of pot of gold.

  14. Windsor Ontario

    this is a producer, the THC is so much, it looks like my plants are gold leafed. This buzz is strong and happy. A strain worth it’s slightly higher price.

  15. Inverness Canada

    this is a really top shelf strain, i’d never saw so mush thc on a plant before

  16. Saint-Hubert-de-Riviere-du-Loup

    fast shipping with extra freebies beyond expectation. Merci

  17. Nelson BC

    A friend in Nanaimo told me to buy this strain because its genetics it better than anything else at the moment. He was right, a couple weeks after placing her into flowering she started to put all her energy into trichome production, by the time she was ready for harvest, she shimmered like a gold bar.

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