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White Widow is without a doubt one of the strongest and most successful commercialized cannabis strains on the market today. This highly popular weed can be found at the top of every Dutch coffeeshop menu, which is not surprising seeing it finds its origin in Amsterdam. White Widow has won a number of awards, including first price in the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup. After that White Widow became world renowned fast.

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  1. Hamilton Ontario

    My seeds are great and they all popped up. I wasn’t sure if you were still open during this lock down, but my delivery was so fast, just two days. I’m guessing its because there isn’t that much mail these past weeks and they delivered faster than the normal few days.

    I’m going crazy hiding indoors, so I’m glad to have something to do and some nice seedlings to take care of. I’m also reading many of your grow articles, the older ones are the best. Peace, Tom

  2. Fort Erie Ontario

    I’m enjoying this cool February getting high on my outdoor white widow from emery seeds. I’m living large in crappy weather because of good buds.

  3. Parry Sound

    This strain is amazing. I light up a pinner, inhale and my heart starts to race, my eye’s and body relax and my head feels buzzy, not tired,not over stimulate. It’s has a perfect balance and a strain I enjoy.

  4. Bracebridge

    Wow, fast delivery to Bracebridge. My seeds look great, thanks so much.

  5. Waterloo Ontario

    I harvested these and all are females. I gave them 10 days to jar cure, am I wanted to report after sampling.

    The yields and specs I got were a bit less than were as posted, but this year wasn’t the best weather for optimal growth, so the numbers they have should be accurate enough. The high is clean, pleasant and powerful and i feel recharged in the morning and craving to smoke more. It;s nice to be able to get so high and not feel burnt out. Overall I liked buying and growing seeds from this seed bank and think you should too.

  6. Whitby ON

    My order got here yesterday, I put them in paper towels with water in my drawer, when I woke up this morning all 20 popped up. My seeds are looking promising.

  7. Ottawa Ontario

    I was going to order norther lights but decided on white widow. You gave me a great strain, thanks. I already place my nl order today, looking forward to trying them too.


  8. Brampton Ontario

    I’m stoked. My seeds came Friday and now theyre all sprouted strong already sat evening.

  9. Lansing MI

    Seeds made it! I just sprouted them, all popped.
    I’ll be ready to get these outdoors when the risk for frost goes away in May. I should have big seedlings by then and I’m hoping to get 10′ plants by end of October.

    Keep it real,

  10. Welland Ontario

    fast shipping and quality buds. I just wanted to return the favour and thank you for the freebies you sent in my order, I’m buying more seeds and I’m loyal to you.

  11. Scarbourough

    hands down the best white widow genetics. Iy’s a must buy

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