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This ultimate CBD strain is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Old School SuperSkunk1.The best of both worlds combined into one strain. This cross has proven herself when it comes to harvest quantity and the CBD content is 1:1. She has a characteristic smooth, sweet/spicy and earthy taste.

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6 reviews for CBDOC

  1. Pinawa Manitoba

    My order arrived in 3 days, properly wrapped and crush proofed. So all seeds arrived in perfect condition. With some decent LED and Nutrients I had a high yielding harvest and a years worth of bud. Not bad for my second grow.

  2. Fred Barr

    Just like everything in life, if you want it grown right, you have to grow it yourself. Don’t trust others to grow your medicine, you can make sure you know what goes into your plants and with the extra love you can’t buy better than homegrown.

  3. Hagersville ON

    This was my first grow. I bought these for my step father suffering with MD. It helps him and we are both grateful.

  4. Jane Williams

    An excellent one:one strain, you’ll love it just as I did

  5. Whitby Ontario

    Peferct strain to smoke and make oil. i bought it for making CBD oil but thought i’d smoke some too and i was in a clear high that i loved and had never experienced before.

  6. John Li

    I use this for medical reasons and I’m happy to use natural herb.

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