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Super Skunk Feminized is a cross between Skunk #1 and Northern Light. When you smoke this weed in a bong before harvesting, you will taste an amazing earthy flavor and experience an uplifting high. After ten minutes, you will feel stoned to the bone. Super Skunk Feminized has a great musky, sweet smell. This strain has a THC level of up to 21%. Enjoy her in the morning with a good cup of coffee.

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  1. Burlington Ontario

    Happy Holidays, this is a stable strain, not that I care about that, they could grow bushy and tall outdoors and it wouldn’t matter to me. My point is you can see the care and time they took to create this master piece. No hermies and quality bud all around. On my def must grow list again for 2020.

  2. Brownsburg Indiana

    I was surprised delivery was fast and all seeds germinated with distilled water and a drop of vitamins in about 20 hours. Overall I good a good first purchase experience

  3. Cedarvale BC

    they sold me high quality genetics and some nice fat seeds that all 100% hatched. I confirm all 10 seeds grew into females with no hermies. They sold me better fem seeds than others places I’ve tried.

  4. Calgary Alberta

    This was my first order and first grow. I researched a bit before growing my legal plants in a small closet. The seeds were fine, I popped 4 out of the 10 i purchased and another 4 after my harvest to keep it to 4 plants one. I still have two seeds left to pop but I’m certain they will also pop fine. Out of the 4 I harvested they were all females as promised. Emery Seeds is a legit seed bank.

  5. Port Hope

    My seeds sprouted and were 12″ within 10 days. I transplanted them outside and they’re already 4 foot and beautiful. Another month or so and I’m going to have a massive harvest. These are the best genetics I have ever grown

  6. Sarnia Ontario

    I got freebies and a great strain too so I recommend this seed bank

  7. Halifax Nova Scotia

    ordered March 31 arrived April 3. Fast delivery and freebies too! so far so good, all sprouted and they’re looking good under fluorescents.

  8. Brampton Ontario

    One of the better skunks i’ve smoked in my lifetime and its at a decent price. Delivery service is good from emery seeds.

  9. Scarborough

    She stank up my home so much my nieghbors 30 feet away can smell during the last fews days of flowering. Very pungent and clean high, one of the best high’s unless you’re smoking a pure imported haze.

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